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Materials and tools

  • 100% mercerized cotton yarn (like Iris), approximately 30 g
  • hook of correspondent size for dense crocheting (0.75-1 mm, depending on the yarn thickness)
  • synthetic fiberfill, wooden stick for stuffing
  • something to straighten the neck: cut of wire approximately 10 cm long, cotton bud, thin bar for a hot glue gun, any thin plastic stick etc.
  • Thin elastic band (if desired) for more reliable attaching of limbs

See the detailed video on the materials and tools I use to make my dolls here


I invite you to crochet a movable doll with me. I named her Grace, because she seems graceful to me. She can take different poses, due to the fact that her arms and legs bend and move.

All participants of the video tutorial will receive a pattern for shoes as a gift.

The peculiarity of this doll is that when creating it, special fasteners or wire are not used. To give her mobility you only need yarn and a hook; all the details are attached during the crocheting process.

Examples of my dolls made with this pattern (with small changes, depending on the image):

Attention! This video tutorial doesn’t contain basic crocheting lessons. You must be able to crochet, have some experience in crocheting dolls, and understand crocheting descriptions (for example, 2 sc inc, dec, 3 sc means: make 2 single crochets, increase, decrease, 3 single crochets).

It is necessary to be able to work both with right and wrong side out (I use both variants. You can find the explanation here here).

Characteristics of the doll:

The height of the doll when using Iris yarn and a 1.00 mm hook will be from 18 to 22 cm.

The doll has no frame, only the neck is strengthened.

The doll’s legs bend at the knees and twist at the hips, the arms twist at the wrists, bend at the elbows and twist at the shoulders.

Also, the doll has fingers and toes, a deepened navel, a rotatable anatomical head, crocheted breasts, a crocheted nose, and ears.

The doll sits independently, stands and lies in different poses (examples in the photo), stands in full growth with support.

The video tutorial contains:

— 6 videos of different duration, 10 minutes in average (arms; legs; body; breasts and shoulders; head; assembly). In the videos I don’t crochet the whole doll body, just show some difficult moments, explain the nuances of stuffing and assembly.

— downloadable file in PDF format with description of the rounds.

The description of the rounds is given in a pop-up window under every video for your convenience. You don’t have to write down the scheme while watching.

I offer you two variants of crocheted foot. Here I show a foot for high-heeled shoes, and here you will find the video about the straight foot.

How the tutorial looks after purchase can be seen in the video:

About the decoration of the doll:

The site contains several video lessons that will help you decorate the face, hair and body of the doll:

– How to embroider the lips,

– How to embroider the eyes and how to paint the eyes,

– How to attach the hairhow to attach tresses during the crocheting process,

– How to tint the body,

– How to crochet a summer dress for a doll

– How to crochet a shoulder off dress

Also there is a text description and a  video tutorial for an outfit set: panties, skirt, bodice and a sundress.

Everyone who buys this video tutorial is offered a discount of 400 rubles to the video tutorial Doll Alicia“. The price will drop automatically when you log into the account from which the purchase was made.

After the tutorial there is a feedback form, with which you can ask me questions if something is not clear. I will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Payment on the site in a secure way, with a bank card of any country.

I am waiting for you at the tutorial!

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