About the project

Crocheting brings so much warmth and pleasure. A special section of crocheting is dollmaking. Crocheted dolls can be warm and comfortable for children, and can be interior or portrait. Welcome to my website on crocheted dolls. My name is Maria Smolina (@smolly_dolls) and I have been developing crochet dolls for several years. I believe that in our time, crocheted dolls are a promising direction in creativity, which is actively developing. If you like crocheted dolls, this website is for you. If you want to learn how to crochet simple dolls, understand the design principles of crocheted dolls, learn how to attach hair, make eyes, lips, crochet clothes, jewelry and accessories, tint the doll – I invite you to the free patterns section. In this section you will find video tutorials on various topics that will help you in the development of crocheting dolls at the initial level. Also, after registering on the site, you will have access to text descriptions and patterns on crocheting dolls. If you want to crochet dolls for sale and sell finished dolls – welcome to the paid patterns section. Crochet patterns will be replenished, and regular customers will receive discounts. If you want to learn how to invent crocheted dolls independently, you may join the crocheted dolls school that will be opened soon. You will see with your own eyes how I develop a doll from a sketch and make it ready for sale. I’ll also tell you how to crochet the main various elements of the doll’s body, which you can use in the future to develop your own dolls. The school will include mandatory homework with a teacher check, which will help you in successfully mastering the material.

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