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Materials and tools

  • Yarn. I use Iris by Gamma, 100% mercerized cotton, approximately 20 g (or any similar cotton yarn);
  • Crochet hook of correspondent size for dense crocheting (depending on the yarn, from 0.75 to 1 mm);
  • Synthetic fiberfill;
  • 4 cuts of wire 30 cm long: 2 cuts of 0.5 mm for the arms and 2 cuts of 1.5 mm for the legs and body (if you use thicker yarn, you will need thicker wire);
  • Pliers, toothpick, wooden stick for stuffing;
  • Adhesive bandage to wind the wire (I also use it to protect my fingers).

I am using Iris from Gamma and a 1mm hook.

According to this video tutorial you can make a doll body as shown in the photos below (the shoes are not included):
The examples of decorating the body:

Attention! The video tutorial doesn’t contain any crocheting lessons. It is necessary to be experienced in crocheting, to understand the basic crocheting elements and to be able to reads crocheting descriptions (for example, “2 sc, inc, dec, 3 sc” means: make two single crochets, increase, decrease, three single crochets).

It is necessary to be able to work both with the wrong and the right side out.

The difficulty level: high.

Characteristics of the doll:

The height of the doll made with materials indicated in the pattern is approximately 22 cm.

The doll has frameless fingers and toes, deepened navel, prominent clavicles (if desired), rotating head (or stable), buttocks, sewn breasts, arms, attached during the crocheting process, prominent nose, and ears.

 The tutorial contents:

Nine videos of different duration (left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, buttocks, body without clavicles, clavicles, head, and breasts). Total duration of the video: 2 hours and 36 minutes.

For your convenience, there is a description of the rounds after every video. You don’t need to write down the scheme when watching.

You can download a file with full rows description.

You can see how the tutorial looks like after purchase in the video below:

In the videos I don’t crochet the whole doll body, I just demonstrate the difficult places and tell how to:

Define and align the shift in the beginning of the round;
mark the end of the round and follow the marker;
hide the ends;
join the legs;
crochet the ears;
crochet the navel;
crochet the clavicles;
make a rotating head (or solid, if desired);
crochet a smooth and even chin line;
crochet the nose;
crochet the fingers and toes;
crochet the buttocks;
make a wire frame for the whole doll body;
stuff the parts;
crochet the breasts and sew them invisibly;
crochet the ears.

In the “Crochet patterns” section you can find textual description of a clothes set (panties, skirt, sundress) and a lots of videos with English subtitles on decorating the doll: attaching the hair (threads or tresses), embroidered eyes, painted eyes, tinting the body and much more.

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