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Free and paid crochet patterns of varying difficulty, video lessons, text descriptions of crocheting and design of dolls, clothes, accessories and much more – all this is conveniently located for you here on the website.

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Crochet video tutorial Doll Alicia

Alicia. This is a model doll with lots of human body parts: fingers, toes, navel, clavicles, breasts with nipples, anatomic rotatable head with a nose. The doll is on a wire frame, so it is able to take various poses, move its arms and legs. The height of the doll is approximately 22 cm. She can stand in shoes.

The tutorial contains 2.5 hours of video lessons, where I explain in details all difficult moments, as well as nuances of stuffing, shifts and crocheting of all parts of the body.

Lessons on decorating the doll and crocheting clothes are located on the website.


Crochet video tutorial Movable doll Antonio

Antonio is a movable doll, suitable for playing for children of any age, as it is crocheted without wire and without additional devices. Only yarn and a hook! The crocheted hinges on the arms and legs are attached to the inside of the body, and this allows the baby to take a variety of positions. He sits by himself. Height, depending on the materials used, is 9-13 cm.

The crocheting body workshop consists of 4 detailed videos and a text description.

There are also several tutorials on doll design.

Crochet video tutorial Doll Bonita

Bonita. Unlike Alicia, Bonita does not have complex anatomical parts (toes, navel, clavicles), she has a simpler head and breasts, attached during the crocheting process. She is faster and easier to make. The height of the doll is approximately 20 cm.

The text description is accompanied with video lessons, where I explain the difficult moments. Bonita doesn’t have a frame, but if you want, you can make it. The video lesson is also on my website. More than 500 dolls of a wide variety of images have already been crocheted with this description. On the tutorial page there are 2 videos with examples of dolls.

Lessons on decorating the doll and two dresses for Bonita are located on the website.


Crochet video tutorial Doll Violeta

Violeta is a miniature doll, only 10 cm tall. Despite of it, she is curvy and has palms with thumbs, navel, imitation of the clavicles, breasts, anatomic head with a tiny nose.

In small video tutorials, I show the details of crocheting such a doll, the nuances of creating a frame and stuffing.

A set of clothes and shoes is included in the tutorial, the videos located on the site will always help you in the design of the face.

With this pattern you can create a small beautiful fairy.

Crochet video tutorial Movable doll Gracia

Gracia is my latest invention. This doll is movable.  The legs bend at the knees and move at the hips, and the arms bend at the elbows and move at the shoulders. The head is rotating too. Due to such mobility, the doll can take a variety of poses, she sits confidently, stands with support.

This doll has no frame, but has a “secret” inside its body, due to which all the details are held tightly and move. In short video tutorials, I tell about this in detail, explaining and showing all the nuances.

Gracia, like Alicia, has anatomical details: fingers and toes, navel, anatomical head, nose. Therefore, those who bought Alicia are offered a discount on Gracia (and vice versa). Clothes designed for Alicia will also fit Gracia. All buyers receive a pattern on shoes as a gift.

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