Crochet pattern doll Dorothy



Materials and tools

– Any yarn similar to Iris, 100% mercerized cotton. You will need yarn in five different colors and a skin color.
– crochet hook of 0.8-1.0 mm.
– synthetic fiberfill.
– wire for the frame, not thicker than 1 mm. 2 cuts of 20 cm for the legs and 2 cuts of 12 cm for the arms. I used insulated florist wire of 0.95 mm;
– yarn or embroidery floss (mouline) for hair. I used 1 skein of embroidery floss.
– sewing thread of 3 colors for crocheted eyes.
– acrylic paint for eyebrows and mouth.
– pliers for work with wire, scissors, sticks for stuffing. Plastic card and silicone glue (or Moment glue) to stabilize the legs (optional).

I invite you to crochet my new doll Dorothy – this is a small, mischievous and bright girl!
When using yarn of the “Iris” type, the height of the doll will be about 13-14 cm.
You can use thicker yarn and hook to crochet a taller doll.

The pattern contains a text description, photos and diagrams of difficult places.

The pattern includes everything that you see in the photos:

– body: boots and stockings are crocheted together with the body, the arms with fingers are crocheted into the body, rotatable head, the nose is crocheted;

– face and hair decoration;

– clothes (skirt, top, hat with a pompom).

Everything except the eyes is crocheted from the same thread of different colors, therefore, depending on the desired height of the doll, you will need 5 colors of yarn + skin color. I used Yarn Art Iris. For stability and mobility, the doll will need a wire and a plastic card as insoles for shoes.

For the hair, I used an embroidery floss (you can use yarn if you wish), for the eyes – sewing thread, for the face – acrylic paints.

I use a hook of 1.0 mm for body and clothes, and of 0.5 mm for eyes (eyes can be embroidered or other methods can be used, as you like best)

Payment is accepted through the YooMoney electronic payment service and it is safe. You can pay for access with any bank card. If you have any questions, use the feedback form

I will also give a second version of the doll’s design, in different clothes and with different hair, as a gift.

My instagram @smolly_dolls, tag me so I can see your work.

Your dolls can be shown in a special VK group or uploaded to the album of my group or in any other groups intended for this.

My Facebook page and my group.

Do not forget when posting photos of finished work to give a link to the site so that everyone can crochet it.

I crochet with the wrong side out. Here you can see the video tutorial on wrong side crocheting. You can crochet with the right side out, but then you will have to change some parts by your own (for example, the left arm will become right, you will have to insert the hook from the outside in the places where you inserted it from the inside, etc)

If you have any difficulties during the crocheting process you can ask any question and get a prompt answer in the comments.

I ask you to post information about the pattern in your social networks. Click the Share button at the end of this page. Thank you!



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