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A text version of the crochet pattern is available for free for registered users. Please Sign up on the site, or into your account to get more information.


You came to the page where you can learn about the crochet pattern on this doll body (18-20 cm):

The pattern doesn’t contain any crocheting lessons. You must have basic crocheting skills to follow it.

What is in the pattern?

It consists of five sections: arms; legs; buttocks and waist; chest (with breasts) and neck; head. And one section describing the design of the doll. The head can be rotatable or stable, there are two variants.

Every section contains a link for an explanatory video, so you can watch them, if you have any difficulties.

In the video, I crochet this doll without a frame, but the text contains information about the frame, you can also watch a video about the frame here.

The whole doll is crocheted with wrong side out. If you prefer crocheting with right side out, you have to change some parts (left arm of leg becomes right; in the places, where I insert the hook from the outside, you will insert it from the inside, etc). You can  watch a video how to crochet the wrong side

When using materials indicated in the pattern, the height of the doll is near 20 cm.

For the dress I used the same yarn, but of a different color.

I crochet with Iris yarn and hook 1 mm. The filler is synthetic fluff. If you find it difficult to crochet with a thin thread, use a thicker thread and a larger crochet hook.

About the doll.

The peculiarity of this doll is that I tried to make it as simple as possible for crocheting, without any difficult parts, like navel or clavicles, so it will be easy even for a novice. Easy legs, easy arms, easy body, and even the head is easy to crochet. The only thing is that you will have to try hard to attach the breasts during the crocheting process. If you have any difficulties, you can always watch the video. A simpler variant of breasts is also available, so don’t worry.

All the parts are attached during the crocheting process, there is no sewn parts.

As for the design of the doll, I have some videos about painting and embroidery of the eyes, attaching the hair, and tinting the body (with English subtitles). You can watch these videos or decorate the doll as you like best. All necessary links are given in the 6th section.

In addition, there are two videos on the dresses for the doll and sabots for her.

Post the photos of your dolls in social media, and I will demonstrate them in my stories in Instagram,Facebook and in VK community.

My instagram @smolly_dolls, tag me so I can see your work.

Your dolls can be shown in a special VK group or uploaded to the album of my group or in any other groups intended for this.

My Facebooke page and my group.

Do not forget when posting photos of finished dolls to give a link to the site so that everyone can crochet it.

I ask you to post information about the pattern in your social networks. Click the Share button at the end of this page. Thank you!

You can watch the dolls, made with this pattern “Doll Bonita” in the videos:

Useful tips

So, you already have a finished body. It is like a blank canvas.

The final image depends on what you draw on it.

To fix the fingers in the desired position, cover them with PVA glue and let dry. They will harden.

The first thing to do is to tint the doll. How to tint a doll see here.

The most important thing is the face and hair. You can make hair, using different methods. Attach threads or tresses, etc.

See, how to make hair of threads here.

Prefer attaching tresses during the crocheting process? You can watch here.

If you want to paint the eyes, you can find a video about it here.

The video on the embroidered eyes is available here.

Also here is a video on three-dimensional eyelashes.

How to embroider the lips, you can look here.

How to crochet the panties, with another doll as an example, is shown here

If you want to make a fairy with wings, the instruction on attaching the magnet into the doll’s back is here, the description of the crocheted wings, you can is here.

Video tutorial on a dress (crocheted in rows, as in the photo) is available here

Video tutorial on a multicolored dress (net pattern) is here

You can crochet the sabots with this video


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