Crochet pattern High-heeled jackboots


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Materials and tools

  • 100% mercerized cotton (330 m/50 g) and hook of 1 mm.
  • toothpick for heels;
  • transparent paper glue or PVA glue for strengthening the sole and the heel (if desired);


You’ve got a doll, but haven’t got any shoes for her?

What about refined high-heeled jackboots? I offer you a crochet pattern on making jackboots for your doll. You won’t need wire to make the jackboots, but the heel is strengthened, and the doll can stand independently in these shoes.

When using the materials indicated in the pattern you will get a pair of jackboots suitable for Barbie or Monster High.

The jackboots are suitable for the doll Alicia and for the doll Gracia when using the same yarn and hook as for the doll body.

If you want to make the jackboots for the doll Bonita you need to use thinner yarn and hook then you used for the doll body, otherwise the jackboots will be too big.

In the ”Crochet patterns” section you can find a video on crocheting foot

To make these jackboots I used 100% cotton yarn Iris Gamma and a crochet hook 1.0 mm.

When you purchase a pattern on crocheted jackboots, the cost of patterns on crocheted shoes and crocheted boots will decrease by 50 rubles.



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