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Hi there! Do you like miniatures?

Now miniatures are very popular in any form, whether it is a polymer clay figurine or a picture.

What about crocheting a tiny amigurumi doll?

I developed this little body inspired by the younger sister of one famous doll, you may easily guess which one. I wanted to make a baby, but in order to maintain my shape: chubby legs, buttocks, tummy. The task was to fit the doll size of 4 cm. And look, what I got as a result:

And, of course, the doll needed clothes. First, I made the panties. But then the year of Pig approached, and I wanted to make a pig costume. According to the pig’s costume, you can simply make a crocheted dress, boots and a hat without decorating it as a pig.

A year passed by, and the Chinese year of Mouse came, so I made a new costume, the Mouse costume. Of course, you my crochet these clothes without making a mouse.

In the same time, I made two other guys – dwarf and white-haired angel.

These babies are crocheted very quickly, as they are so tiny, you will need only a few hours. Once you understand the scheme, you can make a lot of them quickly.

But the decorating of the face is not an easy task, as the head is so small, and the making of the eyes and mouth may be not inconvenient.

I painted eyes for all these kids. On my YouTube Channel or in this free patterns section you can find a tutorial on eyes, they were designed for bigger dolls. I paint the same eyes for these babies, but make them smaller. You will need a small piece of cotton fabric, or felt, or foam. The paints I use for the eyes is waterproof. I use hot glue gun with silicone glue or transparent super glue for attaching the eyes. Of course, you can embroider the eyes.

I paint eyelashes, eyebrows and mouth with the same paint right on the doll’s face.

To make hair I use yarn or felting wool. I attach the yarn with knots or by knotless method, which is also shown in my free videos. The wool can also be felted with a felting needle.

A text version of the crochet pattern is available for free for registered users. Please Sign up on the site, or into your account to get more information.


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