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On the site you can find a video tutorial on eye embroidery, as well as on painting eyes.

In this video we will make completely different eyes, crocheted ones. I designed these eyes for a crocheted doll in the L.O.L style, but they will suit any other play doll for a child.

It is necessary to select the thickness of the yarn and the hook for crocheting the eyes, taking into account the size of the doll’s head.

If this is a large play doll, a rather thick yarn may be needed.

For a small doll with the size of a palm, you can take a thread of the “Iris” type, but for very little ones you will have to try and crochet the eyes with sewing threads or mouline.

In this video, I have a medium version, so I am using Iris. I need 3 colors: black, white and an iris-colored thread.

Both eyes are crocheted in the same way, the eyes become right and left at the sewing stage. The eyes are located on the face symmetrically, with a different inclination.

Don’t forget to add highlights for a natural look, and also make eyelashes. You can simply paint them with black acrylic paint, or you can make voluminous eyelashes.

An eye embroidery tutorial and an eye drawing tutorial may also be helpful.


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