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Have a good and sunny day, despite the weather outside your window!

You have come to a page where you can crochet such a jolly plump guy, with wings on his back and a dandelion in his hands. Is it true that he elates you, and everything around becomes a little lighter?

As he got crocheted wings, he can become an angel. The description of the wings is also included in the pattern.

Of course, you can replace yellow color with any other, but I am sure, he won’t be less charming. There are lots of plump guys crocheted according to this pattern, and every one of them is individual and cute.

The toy has a wire frame, and if it is intended for a child, it is better not to use the wire. The toy will have fixed arms and won’t be able to hold anything in them, but it will be safe. Focus on the age and development of the child.

The armed doll will gladden your adult friends. This amigurumi toy will become an original gift for any holiday to a person who loves handmade. I gave my angel as a present, and I certainly know, that he made his owners happy.

To make hair for a toy as on the picture, I used fantasy boucle yarn, but you can use any desired yarn, so the image of the toy will be different. It seems to me that curls would suit him.

The angel is fast and easy to make, as there is no body under his clothes. We crochet the shirt, stuff it, and then attach already made head, shoes and wings to it.

The pattern also includes the decoration of the face (I paint the eyes with acrylic paint on felt and glue them to the face) and toning (I use acrylic paints). You can embroider the eyes or decorate them in any other way.

I made the dandelion of felting wool and glued it to a cut of wire, it is easy.

A text version of the crochet pattern is available for free for registered users. Please Sign up on the site, or into your account to get more information.


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