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That crochet pattern is available for free for registered users. Please Sign up on the site, or into your account to get more information.

I invite you to participate in online crocheting of a now popular character called Siren Head (height 19 cm).

The online does not contain crochet lessons, you must know the basic elements of crocheting and have crocheting experience.

What will we do during the online?

The crocheting contains of four stages: legs, arms, body, sirens. Then, there is one more section about decoration.

Every stage contains text description of the rounds + detailed video tutorial.

Online starts on March 9, with 4 days for each stage. The information will not be deleted.

When crocheting with 100 cotton yarn Iris (10g/87 m) and a hook of 1 mm, the height of the character will be 19 cm. You will need threads of 3 colors: approximately 30 g of basic color (the original character is brown), a little white and red for sirens. You can use thicker yarn and hook, but note that the height of the creature will vary.

The full body is on wire frame; all its parts are connected during the crocheting process. For the frame I used insulated floristic wire 0.95 mm. Also, you will need pliers and wire cutter to work with the wire.

Work for both loops of the stitches, in a continuous spiral, unless otherwise indicated.

Make shifting single crochets where indicated. Probably, you will need to correct the shift due to your crocheting features.

My instagram @smolly_dolls, tag me so I can see your work.

Your dolls can be shown in a special VK group or uploaded to the album of my group or in any other groups intended for this.

My Facebook page and my group.

Do not forget when posting photos of finished work to give a link to the site so that everyone can crochet it.

I crochet with the wrong side out. Here you can see the video tutorial on wrong side crocheting You can crochet with the right side out, but then you will have to change some parts by your own (for example, the left arm will become right, you will have to insert the hook from the outside in the places where you inserted it from the inside, etc)

I offer you a small video review on the Siren Head, with the detailed description of the materials and tools you will need for the work (subtitles):

You can ask me any question and get a fast reply in the comment section.

I ask you to post information about the pattern in your social networks. Click the Share button at the end of this page. Thank you!

That crochet pattern is available for free for registered users. Please Sign up on the site, or into your account to get more information.


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