Crochet video tutorial Doll Scorpion



Materials and tools

  • 100% mercerized cotton yarn (like Iris), approximately 20 g
  • hook of correspondent size for dense crocheting (0.75-1,5 mm, depending on the yarn thickness)
  • synthetic fiberfill, wooden stick for stuffing
  • 2 cuts of wire approximately 10 cm long and 1 cut of wire 30 cm long (if using yarn like Iris).
  • acrilic paint, brush
  • pliers, wooden stick, scissors

I’ve made an unusual doll – a Scorpion. Here is her body:

And here you can see my two variants of design, with toning and decorating the head. You can decorate your doll as you like best.

I welcome you to crochet her with my video tutorial.

The tutorial contains 4 basic parts:

– claws.

– legs and sting;

– tail and body;

– head.

Every part contains a downloadable PDF file with description of rounds and an explanatory video, in which I talk about all difficult points, nuances of shifting, stuffing and making a wire frame.

Also, there is a detailed video on painting the doll body with acrylic paints.

All parts of the doll are connected to each other during the crocheting process. The head, legs and the spiky part of the tail are rotatable. The tail and the claws can be bent due to the wire frame. The lips and the nose are formed during the crocheting process.

The height of the doll when using the materials, indicated in the pattern is 10-12 cm from the crown to the tips of the front legs. You can use thicker yarn and hook for making a taller doll.

I paint the eyes for both scorpion dolls just as I paint them for usual dolls, according to my video tutorial. Also, I attached tresses for the second doll using another my video tutorial. I will tell you about the hair of the first doll in the video. Rhinestones are glued as eyebrows (you can make ordinary eyebrows).

It is necessary to be able to work both with right and wrong side out (I use both variants. You can find the explanation here here).

After the tutorial there is a feedback form, with which you can ask me questions if something is not clear. I will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Payment on the site in a secure way, with a bank card of any country.

Post the photos of your dolls in social media.

My instagram @smolly_dolls, tag me so I can see your work.

Your dolls can be shown in a special VK group or uploaded to the album of my group or in any other groups intended for this.

My Facebooke page and my group.

Do not forget when posting photos of finished dolls to give a link to the site so that everyone can crochet it.

I am waiting for you at the tutorial!



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